Community Outreach

Strong Partnerships   

By partnering with other local organizations our outreach and mission is amplified throughout the community. Additionally, in an effort to aid high school and college students to better cope with the challenges of exams, MLAR visits campuses with its popular “De-Stress with Dogs” program.

Braille Tails   

Main Line Animal Rescue partnered with Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore's Broadway Barks to create Braille Tails. Together we convert children's books about animals into braille and distribute them to schools and lending libraries for the blind throughout the country. It all began when longtime animal advocates Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore watched a segment on the Today show featuring MLAR's volunteers and dogs visiting the residents of Royer Greaves School for the Blind. Charlene Sloan, acting as an emissary for Broadway Barks, arrived with two of Miss Peters' children's books. The books were soon converted to braille with copies sent free of charge to over eighty schools for the blind. Twenty-five titles later, Braille Tails's unique program has reached thousands of visually impaired boys and girls and continues to celebrate the special bond between animals and children.

Finding A Lost Pet

When your pet strays from home, it can be a
traumatic experience for both of you. Here at Main
Line Animal Rescue we want to help educate you in
ways to prevent lost pets and offer helpful tips in
finding them if do they get lost.