Innovation and Success!  

At Main Line Animal Rescue, everything we do is with an intense focus on eliminating the systemic issues that lead to animal abuse and pet homelessness. When seeing the heartbreaking effects of a flawed system, nothing motivates like the desire for change.

This is what sets Main Line Animal Rescue apart from other shelters and rescues. We are advocates and warriors — fierce opponents of the mass breeding of dogs, and forever fighting for the welfare and future of our nation’s neglected animals.

Our mission is to be the country’s leading and most innovative animal rescue organization. Thanks to more than 600 active and engaged volunteers, an onsite veterinary clinic and innovative training and educational programs, we are able to help thousands of animals every year.

Here are a few noteworthy milestones:

  • • In 2008, our billboard in Chicago led to Oprah Winfrey’s groundbreaking and award-winning exposé on puppy mills, featuring our undercover investigation with acclaimed journalist Lisa Ling.
  • • In 2009, our collaboration with Newsweek resulted in Whole Foods Markets issuing a directive to all their suppliers: no more products from farmers who also operate puppy mills.
  • • In 2011, we wrapped a transit bus on the streets of Washington, D.C. to draw attention to the USDA’s continued failure to protect dogs in federally licensed breeding kennels.
  • • Our continued work on behalf of puppy-mill dogs has been profiled in People and featured on the Today show, Nightline, and numerous Animal Planet television programs. Main Line Animal Rescue was also instrumental in the passing of Pennsylvania’s new dog laws.
  • • We are contacted on a daily basis by people from all across the country looking to save animals in need. In 2015 we were contacted by "animal control" in Moulton, Alabama looking for assistance. It quickly became evident that what was supposed to be animal control was actually one of the worst cases of animal neglect and torture MLAR had ever witnessed. Our brave volunteers rescued hundreds of dogs, many suffering from Parvo, Distemper, mange, multiple fractures, parasites and infections, then we worked closely with our friends at the ASPCA to close the kennel permanently.
  • • In 2015 and 2016, our animals were featured on ABC's The View alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Jill Rappaport and the rest of the hosts. Seen by millions of viewers, our almost monthly appearances helped promote pet adoption and the importance of spaying/neutering our animals nationwide.

"I would never get another dog from anywhere but a rescue, and as long as I’m in your area I will never get one from anywhere but MLAR." — ELSA M.