Volunteering with Dogs 

Volunteers are the lifeline to the dogs at MLAR. With their commitment to walking, training, snuggling, grooming and enrichment, the dogs at MLAR enjoy opportunities that many have never experienced. As a volunteer you can choose to spend your time enhancing their lives while they prepare for new homes.

  • Walking/Running and exercising dogs, playing in fields and with playgroups
  • Participating in our shelter animal enrichment activities
    • - Walking dogs on our beautiful farm property
    • - Helping dogs learn basic training cues through positive reinforcement
    • - School both off-site and on-site "real world" adventures
    • - Become a foster
    • - Work with staff in our transport program
  • • Loving and “snuggling” dogs who need extra TLC
  • • Transporting pets to new homes, Vet appointments and Field Trips
  • • Planning and coordinating Offsite events

“What impressed you most about MLAR was the deep care and love given to the animals, the way the staff knows each animal’s personality, all the work they put into severely abused animals (medically and psychologically) so that they are healthy and have an easier transition to family life.” — — — Allison K