University of Pennsylvania Matthew J Ryan Veterinary Hospital provides MLAR's animals with the best in emergency care.

MLAR is thrilled to acknowledge University of Pennsylvania's Matthew J Ryan Veterinary Hospital for the superior care they provide Main Line Animal Rescue's animals. Every week, dogs and cats are dropped off at Penn Vet by the larger city shelters and become MLAR's responsibility. We always say (and believe) "if they can just make it to Penn's front door, they're going to be alright." Generous discounts, compassionate care, the latest advances in veterinary medicine - just a few things Penn brings to their partnership with MLAR. And what do we give them? Our undying gratitude for saving the lives of so many of our animals.

ANRO Printing and Direct Mail

We have come to depend on ANRO for their amazing printing capabilities and their lightning fast turn around time. In fact, every time we turn around they're surprising us with shorter mailing estimates and the latest in print technology. Our brochures and printed materials in people's homes saves lives. ANRO understands this and their support over the years has helped us increase our adoption rates, sustain our lifesaving programs, and their direct mail postcards have flooded targeted neighborhoods and reunited many families with their lost pets. We're incredibly thankful that Jim Spinelli and his family at ANRO are part of our family.

Our incredible volunteers!

Over three hundred active volunteers walk our dogs, wash our towels, accompany our dogs through training classes, participate in off-sight adoption events, play with our cats, interview prospective adopters, and transport animals back and forth to the vets. MLAR’s volunteers are our greatest asset and we are grateful to each and every one of them.

Wellness Dog Food: Wellpet

The makers of Wellness brand dog food have generously donated a healthy portion (a trucks worth!) of the Wellness Super5Mix®, Wellness CORE Grain Free wet food and Simple Food Solutions. The dogs are LOVING it and everyone is healthier in the Main Line Rescue Animal Shelter (also thanks to our fantastic new Clinic staff, who cares for their every need) At Wellness, they are committed to giving back to the world. Through the WellPet Foundation, they support organizations and activities that promote the power of natural nutrition and the benefits of healthy, active lifestyles. Thank you Wellpet!


CBS Outdoor

We owe a big debt of gratitude to Todd Jones and our friends at CBS Outdoor Advertising for all their help with our billboards. They have helped us educate millions of people to the horrors of our nation’s puppy mills. Todd Jones can be reached by email:

Thank you to our new friends at Heritage Fence in Skippack,who donate a portion of the profits the rescue when they install a fence for a rescue dog!  Heritage Fence Company

Thank you to all of our friends, many of whom are not mentioned here, for your kindness and generosity to the animals at Main Line Animal Rescue


Thank you to Covestro who donated its Makrolon AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets to Main Line Animal Rescue. The tough polycarbonate shields the painted murals in our high-traffic adoption rooms from damage, enabling us to maintain an attractive appearance while also avoiding costly wall repairs. The polycarbonate sheet product is ideal for pet rescue, grooming and adoption facilities as a wall protection solution. Makrolon AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets offer high abrasion resistance and surface hardness in addition to polycarbonate's benefits of impact, strength and clarity. 

Easy to install and clean, the material features a proprietary hardcoat technology that offers protection against chemical and UV attack. Makrolon AR polycarbonate sheets boast a long life expectancy and can withstand repeated cleaning and disinfection. On behalf of the 350 animals in MLAR's care, thank you Covestro!