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Christie Brinkley on Why She's Passionate about Helping Others

CHESTER COUNTY, November 21, 2016 / Philadelphia Style / -- "Brinkley and Chester currently star in three billboards along the PA Turnpike promoting animal adoption. “One of the things that makes Christie so beautiful is her willingness to help animals at risk, whether it’s opening her home to one little puppy-mill dog or urging millions to adopt shelter pets as part of our latest billboard campaign,” says MLAR founder Bill Smith."

Main Line Animal Rescue: We are a Voice for the Animals

CHESTER SPRINGS, November 27, 2016 / Chester County Pet / -- "With around 60 acres of land for doggy playtime, safe outdoor cat areas, optimal on-site veterinary care, and around 500 passionate volunteers, it would seem to be a place no pet would want to leave. However, Bill Smith, found of MLAR, knows that for the animals, adoption is the best result. 'No shelter, no matter how comfortable it is for the animals, is a substitute for a home.' "

Main Line Animal Rescue Featured on Shelter Me

PHOENIXVILLE, September 17, 2016 / WPVI-TV / -- "Two dogs rescued from Main Line Animal Rescue are bringing joy to the many lives around them. Meet Vegas and Maybelle, loving companions to Alicia and Gene Harantschuk. They're also certified therapy dogs, or "smile makers," as Alicia likes to call them."

Main Line Animal Rescue wrapped transit buses in DC to pressure the USDA to enforce the few laws protecting dogs in our nation's federally licensed puppy mills. 

Interesting to know, our buses were so successful, the men and women who approve advertising in DC have banned bus wraps specifically mentioning puppy mills. In exchange for advertisers' cooperation they are now allowing them to advertise alcohol and cigarettes. Apparently, they would rather people die of lung cancer than stop the wide-spread abuse in our nation's puppy mills.

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