Main Line Animal Rescue Making Headlines


Main Line Animal Rescue Featured on Shelter Me

PHOENIXVILLE, September 17, 2016 / WPVI-TV / -- "Two dogs rescued from Main Line Animal Rescue are bringing joy to the many lives around them. Meet Vegas and Maybelle, loving companions to Alicia and Gene Harantschuk. They're also certified therapy dogs, or "smile makers," as Alicia likes to call them."

Al Roker Never Expected to Fall in Love with a Dog

NEW YORK CITY, July 25, 2016 / People Magazine / -- "Roker and his family, wife Deborah Roberts, an ABC News journalist, and kids Leila, 17 and Nick, 14, found Pepper through the Main Line Animal Rescue outside Philadelphia in September 2012 ... 'She's the perfect dog.' "

Celebrities to the Rescue

PHOENIXVILLE, February 21, 2016 / NBC4 / -- Celebrities including Bernadette Peters, Betty White, Bryant Gumbel, Lindsey Vonn, and Emmylou Harris are bringing attention to the plight of homeless animals.

Main Line Animal Rescue wrapped transit buses in DC to pressure the USDA to enforce the few laws protecting dogs in our nation's federally licensed puppy mills. 

Interesting to know, our buses were so successful, the men and women who approve advertising in DC have banned bus wraps specifically mentioning puppy mills. In exchange for advertisers' cooperation they are now allowing them to advertise alcohol and cigarettes. Apparently, they would rather people die of lung cancer than stop the wide-spread abuse in our nation's puppy mills.

Spreading the Word.

MLAR Brochures

Main Line Animal Rescue's brochures are often kitschy, sometimes serious, and always informative. We are known for our distinctive printed materials and they have been extremely effective in advancing MLAR's mission and helping us raise the necessary funds to support our lifesaving programs.