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Senior Dogs at Main Line Animal Rescue Fetch Grant

Phoenixville, PA –Old dogs have something to wag about this summer, as The Grey Muzzle Organization announces the recipients of its annual grants, and dogs at Main Line Animal Rescue are among the winners.

This Virtual Cycling Event Benefits Local Animal Rescues

PHILADELPHIA, June 2, 2020 / Main Line Today / -- Main Line Animal Rescue and the Pennsylvania SPCA are teaming up for a virtual cycling event this month to help raise funds and awareness for MLAR’s animal rescue and adoption mission. Aptly named Handlebarks, the virtual event will take place June 6-20. Encouraging riders of all skill levels to hit the trail—or their stationery bike—Handlebarks offers 5-100 mile bike rides that can be completed at once or across two weeks. Entry fees for the event are $15 each. There are also several raffles, with prizes like a bike rack and a bike.

Main Line Animal Rescue hosts virtual cycling fundraiser

PHILADELPHIA, May 31, 2020 / KYW Newsradio / -- Hold on to your handlebars: a creative fundraiser is coming up to benefit an area animal shelter. It’s called Handlebarks, a virtual cycling event for all ages with proceeds going to the Main Line Animal Rescue, an affiliate of the Pennsylvania SPCA. Allison Hough is the Executive Director of philanthropy for the Main Line Animal Rescue. "If you visit our website, you can sign up to ride," explained Allison Hough, executive director of philanthropy for the Main Line Animal Rescue. "You can sign up to ride all of these different distances, whatever works for you, whatever your comfort level is." You can cycle indoors, outdoors really don’t have to cycle at all. (We won't tell anyone.)

Main Line Animal Rescue wrapped transit buses in DC to pressure the USDA to enforce the few laws protecting dogs in our nation's federally licensed puppy mills. 

Interesting to know, our buses were so successful, the men and women who approve advertising in DC have banned bus wraps specifically mentioning puppy mills. In exchange for advertisers' cooperation they are now allowing them to advertise alcohol and cigarettes. Apparently, they would rather people die of lung cancer than stop the wide-spread abuse in our nation's puppy mills.

Spreading the Word.

MLAR Brochures

Main Line Animal Rescue's brochures are often kitschy, sometimes serious, and always informative. We are known for our distinctive printed materials and they have been extremely effective in advancing MLAR's mission and helping us raise the necessary funds to support our lifesaving programs.