We’re always finding ways to make our mission known and
garner national attention for the causes we champion.

Main Line Animal Rescue has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, The View, Animal Planet and countless other
national outlets that has helped to increase the awareness around animal welfare and the importance of
no-kill shelters and the adoption of shelter pets.

“It is my belief that when you actually see this, America, with your own eyes, that you are not going stand for it” — OPRAH WINFREY

A story that needs to be told

Throughout our history, we have made it a priority to keep MLAR and our mission in the news. The more people we
reach, the more opportunities and resources we have to save lives. Check out the news stories and videos below to
see how we’ve been making our mark…and advancing our mission.

Oprah Story

Sponsoring a billboard four blocks from Chicago's famed Harpo Studios, MLAR asked Oprah Winfrey to do a show on puppy mills. Four days after the billboard went up, Oprah noticed our board on her way to work. Before we knew it Lisa Ling and a film crew were accompanying MLAR volunteers as they traveled the back roads of Lancaster, Chester, and Berks Counties, rescuing dogs from substandard kennels. The undercover footage was later featured on Miss Winfrey's show and millions of people around the world saw firsthand just how horrendous conditions are for dogs inside our nation's puppy mills. The program became Oprah's third most successful show of all time and kicked off a movement that has seen new laws passed in over a dozen states. This board is now featured in a college textbook on marketing.