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Captain Hook





Estimated DOB:



White & Tan



Looks can be deceiving: Captain Hook is a Collie mix who came to us from our Philly affiliate PSPCA where he was found as a stray with some skin issues, so he had to have a haircut. His coat will soon grow out in Collie fashion, and at the moment he has an adorable pink nose with big, black freckles and pink patches around his eyes, which give him an endearing look. Captain Hook is very affectionate and docile with people (kids too), but he’s not a fan of other dogs. He appears house-trained and knows to sit for treats. He’s easy to walk, and he likes to chase toys in the MLAR yards (you’ll have to teach him the return part—his game is getting them and lying down to chew on them). Watch his video to get a good sense of this easy-going guy. You’ll fall in love with that face and jaunty white-tipped tail! Check out my video below!

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