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Pit Bull Terrier


Estimated DOB:






It just doesn't get any sweeter than our girl Shine! She is a pit mix, what we call a "pocket pit" since she is pretty small! And she loves everyone she meet;, she has never met a stranger. She will come and sit in front of anyone she sees, looking for a treat, and gently gives her paw or some kisses to make sure she gets exactly what she wants - SMART GIRL. It certainly doesn't hurt that she is about the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi!!! Shine really does shine when she is out on her walks, or at a recent adoption event where there were hundreds of people, kids, dogs, etc. and she just loved it. She was friendly, at ease and happy to make new friends. Shine is young, about a year or so, and has a fair amount of energy (typical for a dog her age) and loves to run and play. She is very social with other dogs and gets excited to make friends, and loves to give kisses, but can be a bit over the top in her affection so she needs a tolerant resident dog, one who doesn't mind her exuberance in wanting to show her love all the time LOL. Shine would love to have a nice fenced in yard to run around in and a comfy couch to snuggle on with her humans after playtime. She gives the best kisses and is a super snuggler. If you think Shine sounds like the right fit for you, please fill out an application and come meet her. Check out my video below!

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