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Pit Bull Terrier


Estimated DOB:






Is there anyone sweeter than Pea? We don't think so... in fact, his volunteer friends call him Sweet Pea because it's so fitting. Pea came from some tough living situations and he had some skin issues that our medical team has worked to correct. But through all of the recent changes of losing the home he knew, moving into a kennel, getting neutered, having the medical team handling him and caring for his skin, Pea has been nothing but loving and amazingly affectionate. He is housetrained and keeps himself busy in his kennel with Kong toys and other activities our staff gives him. He's very calm in his kennel and when he realizes someone is coming to see him, he's all wiggles and happy to go wherever they want to take him. Pea rides well in cars (although he always wants to be as close to his friends as possible, so he'd prefer to ride up front, but listens when told to stay put) and he is dog friendly. He enjoys walking and exploring new things, although he's not used to a ton of exercise so he tires a little quicker than some. But what Pea absolutely LOVES the most, is to be close to his human friends and give them all the love that they're willing to receive. He is a true example of resilience and shows amazing qualities of a loving dog. Please come meet this sweetpea and give him a chance at a loving forever home! Check out my video below!

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