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Bella Blue


Pit Bull Terrier / Mix


Estimated DOB:






Look at her white, freckled muzzle; such a cute, happy face! Bella Blue is an example of just how forgiving and resilient dogs can be if shown love and caring, even if they’ve been victims of other people’s cruelty. Bella Blue came to us as the result of a Humane Law Enforcement intervention, yet she’s as affectionate and joyful as can be, now that she’s found the wonderful staff and volunteers at MLAR. Watch the video below this description, and you’ll be amazed at how much energy this 9-yr.-old dog has, and she loves to play with toys. Bella Blue walks with a strong, steady pull, and while not a great fan of other dogs right up in her face, she seems to like parallel leash walking with some of the MLAR dogs. She appears to be house-trained and sits nicely for treats. She even knows “shake” and lifts her paw, clever girl! Given the unhappy situation she came from, Bella can be a little hesitant and fearful at first, so it’s best to greet her slowly and calmly, but she likes attention and petting once she knows she’s safe with you. This gal has earned her right to live out her golden years with a family she can trust to love her and show her she’s been right not to lose her faith in humans. Reach out and embrace this deserving girl. Check out my video below!

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