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Caucasian Sheepdog (Caucasian Ovtcharka)



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If you like big, lovable, dopey dogs this guy is for you! Sheikh is a Central Asian Shepherd and came to us from a family who helped rescue him from a shelter in Azerbaijan. This is an ancient breed and one that is rarely seen in the U.S. no less a rescue! He is one beautiful giant lovebug. He tail wags so fast whenever he sees the volunteers that he practically turns himself in half. He has no idea how big he is (well over 100 pounds) and thinks he is still a puppy (he just turned a year old) so when he jumps up in excitement (even though he is trying to be gentle about it) he could easily knock over small kids or even some adults. This breed is bred for protection and they are quite loyal and steady companions, but are not for inexperienced owners. They need to have consistent exercise, discipline and boundaries - and if they get that they will supply you with great big sloppy kisses, lots of tail wags and goofiness. Sheikh did well with the dogs in his foster home but was too interested in the cats, so a cat free home is a must. If you like GIANT dogs, Sheikh could be the one for you! Click the video link below to watch him play with Robert!

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