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Catahoula Leopard Dog / Mix


Estimated DOB:






THE INSPIRATIONAL MIRACLE PUP! If someone didn’t tell you that this beautiful snow white beauty with blue eyes is deaf & blind in one eye, you would never know it! Zap looks a little bit like the bull terrier in the movie “Patton”, but smaller, sweeter, & very gentle. When any volunteer comes into his run, Zap is overjoyed at the prospect of attention. He rears up to greet you & just can’t wait until you put the leash on him. He is really easy to leash walk & will follow you closely (no pulling). In the fenced yard, Zap looks for a toy to play with, finds one easily, & automatically begins to amuse himself. He also runs up to the fence line to greet dogs in the adjoining yards & wants to play with them. He adores cats too. If you come up from behind him & clap your hands, he will immediately turn around & pay attention to you (he must sense vibrations). And Zap just loves & begs for affection. This all around great pup is easy to handle. He will need people who are very careful that he does not escape & who are vigilant about his safety. But the word “disability” is not even in Zap’s vocabulary.

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