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EASY DOES IT seems to be Rusty’s M.O. going through life. Though he came from a puppy mill, this handsome purebred beagle seems to have no emotional hang-ups or scars, & is ready to enjoy life with new people & new doggy friends. Most striking about Rusty is his coloring: Unlike the usual tri-coloring of a beagle (black, russet brown, & white), Rusty is chocolate brown, light tan, & white with golden eyes. But Rusty’s real merit is his wonderful disposition for which good hounds are known. He is mellow, easy going, calm, gentle, & very sweet. New to MLAR, he does not shy away from any volunteer who wants to walk him whether he knows that volunteer or not. He is very easy to leash walk & when he sees other dogs, he wags his tail inviting them to meet him. On one such walk, he met an exuberant little puppy who tried to climb all over him, & he took it all in stride. Unlike some beagles who are quite vocal, Rusty seems to be on the quiet side. Though he probably never saw much affection at the puppy mill, he is ready to make up for lost time. Pat him a few times, cradle his face in your hands, & this boy is all yours. As nice as he is now, he will blossom even more in a loving home. Why not make it yours?

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