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Irish Setter / Poodle



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Always loved Irish setters, but thought they were too big? The toy poodle mix means that Scout will be a nice medium-sized adult, rather than the typical large setter. Scout came to us from a commercial breeding facility at 6 mos. with his siblings Pepper and Otto, so he hasn’t had a lot of contact with the big world and is, understandably, a bit frightened by it all. His perfect owners would be experienced at raising puppies into adult dogs and know how to go slowly and gently to gain his trust (children 12 or older, please). Scout is puppy playful and sweet and would love another dog to romp with in his new home. He’s a cuddler and will win your heart. Scout has the beautiful cinnamon red coat of the Irish Setter and just a bit of the poodle curl in his fur. A gorgeous pup—come and see! (Kindly fill out an application on line first.)

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