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Irish Setter / Poodle



Estimated DOB:






One of the three Irish setter/toy poodle 6-mo. pups who came to us from a commercial breeding facility, Pepper looks like an Irish setter with that red, velvety, wavy fur. Pepper desperately wants to make friends with every person and dog she sees. She’s very affectionate and is craving a home after starting life in a kennel. Pepper would do best with older children or just adults, since she hasn’t had much socialization, and she’d be better with experienced dog owners who know how to guide a pup into well mannered adulthood. She’d also appreciate having a canine buddy to show her the ropes. Pepper is super playful, but so far she’s keeping her puppy teeth in check; she’s not a nipper or a barker. The great thing is you’re getting a medium-sized dog with the toy poodle part, instead of a big setter.

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