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German Shepherd Dog



Estimated DOB:






Although you wouldn’t know it from my size, I’m still a puppy at just 5 mos. old. I came from a commercial breeding facility, so I’ve just discovered human attention at MLAR, and I crave it. People are wonderful! I’m basically all pent-up love (and energy, of course, because I’m a big boy). I’m definitely interested in other dogs, and when I’m out in the yards here, I run up to the fence to investigate dogs walking by on leash, but then I dash back to my human to check-in and nuzzle up. I’m learning to walk on leash too, and I’m pretty good. I’m more interested in people petting me than I am in treats, and you can bet I come fast when you call me, because I’m such a people-dog. I have a gorgeous black coat with distinctive black stripes running right down the front of my legs and paws, which are caramel-colored. Pretty neat, huh? I’d love to be part of a family with kids (not too little, because I’m big and bumptious), and I’ll need guidance and training, so you’ll need to be prepared to spend time with me. If you’re gone a lot, I’m not the dog for you, because I’m all about being with people as much as possible. It would be nice to have a canine playmate too. Please come meet me ASAP. I’m just a big, goofy love bug.

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