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I’m a truly handsome, 3 ½ year-old Brindle Mastiff. Don’t let my enormous size put you off; I’m really a very gentle giant. Our breed is known for its calm and docile temperament. I came to MLAR as a stray—can you imagine? I’m a prize! I love people, kids, and other dogs. (I’m probably not a great dog for very young kids, just because of my size). For sure, I need a lot of room; I’m not exactly what you’d call “petit”!—a big yard, lots of exercise, and a nice, large, soft dog bed. I don’t pull on leash at all, and I take treats very gently. When I walk, I have a cool, sashay-thing going on with my hind end—maybe I have dreams of being a model walking down a run-way (?!)—and I do love to wag my tail in sheer happiness to be with you, so you’d better clear your coffee tables! If you know my breed, you’ll definitely want to come see me, because I’m a beauty, and I’ve got such a nice, affectionate personality. Hurry in; there’s not a lot of room in a kennel for a dog my size! I need a home!

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