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Bichon Frise



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UNWANTED & UNLOVED?????? That’s not me…I have the opposite problem. Since I have arrived at MLAR from a commercial breeding facility, EVERYONE wants me! And who can blame them? I am that irresistible ball of white fluff that everyone longs for. But since I have special needs due to my less than ideal upbringing, I am going to be very selective about where I go from here. You see, I had no socialization at the breeding facility, so I am understandably timid. Fortunately I am very young, so I have been making daily progress as the volunteers here work & play with me. I am learning that snuggling is wonderful, doggy treats offered by humans are delectable, & canine playmates are the best! I need a quiet home with older or no kids. And of course, I now want to have a canine playmate or two to show me the ropes & help me build up my confidence. And I also want a securely fenced nice yard where I can run & play with my canine friends. Maybe you think I am asking for a lot. But given my popularity, as timid as I am, I have come to believe that I deserve it!

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