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Basenji / Hound



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At 9 mos. old China is still very much a pup. She’s friendly, playful, rolls over for a belly rub, shows curiosity and has a happy disposition. It is fun to watch her roll around in the grass, sometimes doing a funny army crawl—goes flat on her belly and creeps forward with her paws. . This cute girl is good with other dogs and with older kids (provide plenty of toys for puppy chewing). She has benefited from our PK101 puppy class where volunteers teach her basic commands, good manners, and how to play nicely with her puppy peers. Puppy off site field trips have been an added plus for her. Her personality shines, tail wagging as she eagerly greets new people. As with any puppy, continued obedience training and loving consistency are needed for her to continue learning. Come meet this sweet puppy and give her the forever home she needs to grow into a confident, affectionate family pet.

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