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Hi, My name is Jake. About five years ago I was adopted by the nicest older couple. I loved them and they loved me. They house and crate trained me and gave them lot of love and sat with them whenever they watched tv. Sometimes they would throw my toys for me and I would run like the wind, jump back on the couch, and drop the toy for them to throw again. Well, a couple of months ago my dad got sick and then he didn't come home anymore. Then recently, the same thing happened to my mom. They both "passed on" I heard and I wondered what that meant. There was a lot of crying and one day their daughter picked me up and brought me to a place with a lot of other dogs. It was pretty loud and I was kind of scared. The volunteers are really nice to me, but I want to go back to a home and snuggle on a lap. I am a really good boy!! I am fine with other dogs, but I really am more people oriented. I loved how my parents were home all the time and I really want to have a family like that again. I would be lonely if they worked out of the house all day long. I with I could go home with my parents, but since that isn't possible can you adopt me???

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