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A Couple months ago these two beautiful dogs were waking up in a king size bed with the two people that loved them most. They were warm, happy, and content. Best friends who played together during the day and went to the outreach shelter on the weekends spreading love to everyone there including the small children. Unfortunately, their world was turned upside down. The wife of the couple that owned them passed away. The husband is a pastor and has always been an active missionary spending weeks at a time in Africa. He called us literally crying a week ago as he feels it isn't fair to the dogs to be alone and just have people come in and take them out a couple times per day, now that his wife is gone. He said after losing her, losing them is awful, but he has no other choice than to do what is best for them. They are house trained and great with other dogs and children. Shaq is 10 years old and needs his brother Kobie who is four to make him feel safe. We can't separate these two after they have lost so much. We know taking in two huge dogs is a lot, but are so hoping to find a really good home for these sweet gentle boys.

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