In an attempt to draw attention to the USDA’s failure to protect dogs in federally licensed breeding facilities, MLAR has wrapped a transit bus in the nation’s capitol.

In early spring of 2010, the Office of the Inspector General released the results of their audit of the USDA. What they found was shocking.

While the USDA (APHIS) is charged with protecting dogs in commercial breeding kennels, in case after case, the federal agency had failed to enforce our federal laws and had allowed countless dogs to suffer while protecting the very people who abused them. In one facility, dogs were so starved they resorted to cannibalism, and APHIS inspectors (paid with our tax money) walked by these animals and did absolutely nothing to help them.

In May 2010, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack held a press conference and expressed outrage over the report’s findings and promised to toughen the USDA’s enforcement efforts – starting immediately. And yet a mere two months later, an Amish dog breeder in New York State converted the whelping boxes in his kennel into plywood gas chambers and killed over 90 breeding dogs and puppies using the exhaust from his tractor, in clear violation of federal law and the USDA refused to charge him. Where are the USDA’s tough new enforcement efforts, Secretary Vilsack? MLAR encourages you to visit our newest web site and read the OIG’s report, and if you’re in the DC area, look for our big blue bus!