Like most shelters and rescues, Main Line Animal Rescue does adoptions in our local community. Generally this includes counties in and around the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

We require excellent vet references for anyone who has previously had a pet, and an installed traditional fence (where a dog can enter directly from a door in your home, not “dog runs”) We also approve the following professionally installed underground fence systems (WE DO NOT APPROVE ANY TYPE OF RADIO FENCE): Invisible Fence, DogWatch and Pet Stop. They must be working properly and you must have a collar to fit the dog. Your flags must be up and you will need to have a working collar for every dog in your home before we will release a dog to you. Please contact the installer of your fence and have them check to make sure your fence system and collars are working.If you live outside of our adoption area we strongly urge you to adopt through your local shelter found through petfinder.We recommend that you read about our Adoption Process.

      • Any false, incomplete or withheld information will cause us to void your application.
      • Please include contact information for your veterinarian (if there is more than one please include all) so we can check the vet references indicated on your application.
      • If you are interested in adopting a dog please check your fence to make sure it is secure. We will be sending someone out to check it before a dog is released to go home.
      • When you apply we will contact you to schedule an appointment. It usually takes 48 hours for us to complete this process.
      • Please submit ONE APPLICATION only